This page contains a range of open access downloadable papers, discussion documents and strategy documents produced by members of the project team, which all are welcome to read.

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Police Knowledge Fund Showcase - 27th November 2017

Staff from Keele and Staffordshire Universities attended this event with partners from the Police and Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to present on aspects of our ongoing knowledge co-production work. Copies of some of the work we presented can be accessed here.

Discussion Documents, briefings and reviews relating to Knowledge exchange, Transfer and co-production

One of the key concerns of this project is to facilitate and develop improved mechanisms for knowledge exchange, transfer and co-production within and between the Police and partner agencies.  We have produced a series of discussion documents, working papers and strategy documents relating to the wider context of knowledge exchange and the implications for Policing.  These resources can be accessed and downloaded from our digital repository.

Discussion documents drawing from research carried out by members of the team

There are a range of publications, reviews and discussion documents that relate to specific topics in our research projects and activities carried out during and after the Police Knowledge Fund project. These can also be downloaded from our digital repository.